My Sweet Revenge


This weeks reading was My Sweet Revenge by Jane Fallon.

The concept is fairly straight forward, a devoted wife finds out her husband is having an affair with much more attractive woman and plots her revenge. The problem is she’s fairly sure if she just tells him to leave he will gladly do so, she wants him to care enough to split up with his other woman and fall in love with her again, just so she can tell him to get stuffed and walk out forever.

This was a tempting read, and there were a quite a few twists in in, however there are a couple of plot holes and in the end there are one or two turns that just don’t make any sense. I felt that there were a few subplots that didn’t really go anywhere and we don’t really get a great deal of context for reason the characters personalities are the way they are, such as Saskia – we don’t really know why she wants to leave her husband, especially as she is so devious it would sense for her to stay with the person who would advance her career – her current husband, but she doesn’t want him. Also we’re not really given a lot on the main characters husband, other than he is very vain and self important.

It was a largely entertaining read, however, and I wouldn’t mind reading others, as I am assured from Amazon reviews this is not the author’s best work. I would recommend for a bit of light holiday reading you can dip in and out of, possibly with a large cocktail, as I assure you; you don’t really need to worry about following anything too complicated.




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