The Summer Seaside Kitchen



The Summer Seaside Kitchen – By Jenny Colgan

“Grab some excellent cheese, crackers, and a glass of wine and curl up on a frosty evening” – Heather.

This weeks read was the Summer Seaside Kitchen. Based on the fictional isle of Mure in Scotland, the story focuses on Flora, a young paralegal who seems to have escaped the island to London to persue a professional career, and escape her past.

After a wealthy client needs their help in Mure herself and her stony-faced boss are swept back to the island, where Flora must confront her family, the local villagers and a tragedy that drove her to London. She must convince them to come round to her clients way of thinking, whilst facing her past.

After discovering a notebook of her beloved mother’s precious family recipes, she and her brother woo the wealthy client, the villagers and her closed off boss, Joel, with a feast of local produce, and after opening a certain closed pink fronted shop, an array of cakes, pastries and coffee in the Summer Seaside Kitchen.

Will Flora win her case, win over her boss, and fall in love with more than just the island??

This is a lovely book, and typically of this genre, easy to read with excellent descriptions of the island of Mure (even if it is fictional) and has a real cosiness to the atmosphere. Like others in this bracket, I find myself wanting to read them with a slice of cake and a cup of tea, although for this one a glass of red and some good cheese and crackers works wonders, as there are constant descriptions of the local cheese, butter and pastries that are produced in the dairy farm owned by Flora’s family. It holds an excellent question mark over the busyness of life, and promotes a simpler, rustic outlook, which champions good food, good company, a roaring fire and and a happy dog.

A great book for a weary Friday night when you want to escape….


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